Yoga from Cancer Education UK

Free support


We provide free breathing meditation and upper body movement exercises. Currently we are collaborating with the lovely Vicky Fox, a London based yoga teacher. Vicky also specialises in teaching yoga to those diagnosed with cancer.

It has been proven that exercises like those shown in the links below have helped to calm the mind, promote better sleeping, improve the nervous system and create a sense of peace in anxious situations. These can be done anytime, anywhere! Why not give it a go, all you need is 5 minutes for some self care.

5-minute breathing exercises

Did you know the way you breathe can change how you feel? The breath is the quickest way to affect our nervous system. When we are stressed and anxious, we are more likely to be breathing in the upper body, causing our breathing to become quite erratic, sending a message to the body signaling something is wrong.

We have all had moments of anxiety and panic but in this short video we want show you how to tell the body everything is ok, even if it is not, at that particular moment. Let Vicky demonstrate how we can use the breath as a way to calm the body and mind, soothing the nervous system and helping the body to nourish and heal itself.

Give yourself 5-minutes today to learn this breathing technique! You can use anytime, anywhere, any place, in order to help bring back balance in the body as well as calmness and control within yourself bringing you back into the present moment.

Upper body movement

Our bodies are designed to move, and even though sometimes we may not have the energy to create movement, when we do we feel much better. Even small movements energise and stimulate the body.

This is a short upper body movement sequence created to help us get a little bit of movement and get blood flowing around the body. Upper body movement helps circulation and pumps blood around the body. The body relies on muscular activity to help blood to go to the heart, moving fluid around the body while also helping boost the immune system.

When we start to feel our muscles working that’s when its tugging on our bones, helping to build bone marrow strength which we all need. Breathing deeply helps your lymphatic system, helping promote lymphatic fluid back to the heart.

Make sure you try this 10 minute upper body movement to give yourself some self-care and help to nourish ourselves and feel in control of our body.