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We’re a UK registered charitable organisation, here to educate and support cancer patients with our helpline, educational resources and complementary therapies.


Our ambition is to support all in the fight against cancer, while we make an increased effort to represent and support the Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BAMER) community – educating and raising awareness of cancer. Cancer Education UK aims to de-stigmatise cancer as being contagious or end of life and allows individuals to talk about cancer more confidently and to ask questions openly.


We are one of few cancer charities in the UK dedicated to providing support specifically to this BAMER community.


We run awareness events and host webinars where we educate communities on the signs and symptoms of cancer, encourage testing and how people can help spread the word.


We offer any kind of support we can for people who are going through cancer treatments, either helping to attend appointments, assistance with shopping and much more. Through partnerships, we currently provide reflexology & physiotherapy for all our patients at no charge.


Through our support network, we will do all we can to help reintegrate patients back into the community and workplace.

A message from Mary

“My name is Mary Oladele and I am a Senior Therapy Radiographer. I’m also the founder of Cancer Education UK, a charity created to increase awareness and understanding of the dreaded disease.

I do not want people from BAMER communities and lower socio-economic backgrounds to die of cancer out of ignorance, lack of awareness or not being able to seek the right help or ask the right questions. Therefore I have made it my mission to help our community through one of the most difficult journeys one can ever embark on.

If you know anyone who is going through cancer treatment and feel that they need help, please reach out to us. If you would like to join the team or volunteer with us, please reach out to us and let’s help our community together.”

Mary is a Senior Therapeutic Radiographer treating adults and children with cancer using radiation. She founded the charity in 2016 after seeing how many patients in the BAMER community were getting treatment and support too late in their cancer journey. The charity now has over 20 volunteers providing services such as helpline and medical advice for patients, social media services, website, PR and communications.

Words of support

  • This is the first time in the history of Croydon that a seminar/awareness program about cancer will be held, I’m not only honoured to be part of it but also inspired by Mary and her team’s excellence in coordinating this seminar. It’s refreshing to see people willing to give back to their community, Kudos to Mary and her team. The mayoral office is with you 100%.

    Mayor Humayan Kabir
    Mayor, Croydon
  • The event was amazing, it was so touching to hear these women’s journey with cancer. I commend Mary and her team for their excellent work, the charity is very much needed within society as they are saving lives through these actions. Keep up the good work guys!


    Will Pascall
    Councillor, Kensington and Chelsea
  • The Beauty Despite Cancer event was amazing! The room was full and ignited with love. It was very emotional listening to other women’s journeys because there were snippets in each that you could relate to.

    Natasha Anderson
  • Cancer Education UK is the first of its kind in Croydon’s history. Well done Mary on the work you’ve begun. We are all behind you.

    Carlton Young
    Councillor, Thornton Heath

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