Why not try our lockdown fundraising ideas?

While we are staying safe at home, we wanted to give you the opportunity to feel good while committing to a worthwhile cause helping your community and beyond. Why not try one or more of our fundraising ideas! Not only will you be helping and supporting us at this much needed time but we guarantee a lot of laughter and some fun. Why not get creative and call your old friends, colleagues, your family or neighbours and get together virtually in safe surroundings. Now is the time to reconnect, check in on your loved ones and let us give you some ideas on how you can help someone else in need. Sick of the zoom calls? Ok we get that but why not try our fundraising challenge to get out and get some fresh air, putting in your 10,000 steps a day!

We have some great fundraising ideas and we encourage you to do them, but why chose to support Cancer Education UK?

Cancer Education UK is a small London based charity that provides support to cancer patients and their families and in particular the BAMER (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee) communities. We want to continue to help save lives during this time, whereby there was an 80% decline in urgent cancer diagnosis referrals in 2020 and up to an additional 18,000 cancer deaths due to COVID-19 (DATA-CAN, The Health Data Research Hub for Cancer). We have come together with the same vision to help create awareness of cancer in the BAMER communities, we want to help families and the wider communities and show them we are with them on this journey, every step of the way. In these unprecedented times we see there is good in the world and your support and donations mean so much to us.

Our Founder, Mary Oladele says ‘the ability to help another person when they are completely helpless is the greatest reward ever. We’ve prevented another family, another mum, dad, sister, brother, husband or wife from losing their loved one and nothing, not even money, can buy or bring that back. It has also helped me to appreciate life a lot more, and to never take anything for granted.’

Lockdown-friendly activities

  1. Quarantine Birthdays Yes, a birthday in lockdown just isn’t the same as going to that fancy restaurant, enjoying a night out on the tiles, maybe even getting away for the weekend (cry) but until it’s safe for us to do so again, why not set up a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser or donate the money you might have spent on going out to celebrate?
  2. Donate your commute One positive thing about lockdown is that the morning commute takes no time at all! With many of us saving money on our daily commute, (and daily coffees) why not give something back if you can and donate to us?
  3. Virtual sporting events Looking for some motivation after all the Christmas Puddings? Want to help with a fantastic cause and give back? Why not set yourself a fitness challenge! Make sure you get those 10,000 steps in a day or if you are up for a real challenge why not virtually walk the Great Wall of China, run 10k or walk 5k a day?

Embrace something creative

  1. Ebay – declutter your wardrobe While we spend more time in our house its easy to look around and find clothes and items that are no longer in use! Why not give the wardrobe a declutter and add some zen in your home by selling your items on ebay and donating to our charity!
  2. Give it up What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without? Would your friends and family sponsor you to give it up for a week, a month or even longer? Share daily updates with your supporters to let them know how well you’re doing and watch the pennies pile up.
  3. Sponsored silence If you’re a chatterbox, why not surprise everyone by challenging yourself (and a group of friends if you like) to a sponsored SHHH! Whether you challenge yourself to an hour or even a whole day to stay schtum, the effort will be worth it!

Keep as sociable as you can

  1. Themed Zoom! Wear what you wish Who doesn’t like a good old themed party! Enjoy a few laughs over a virtual fancy dress party! You can dress up as something they would ‘wish’ to be. Think mermaid, pirate, or maybe your favourite princess or superhero! The best dressed person will be rewarded with the prize and those who don’t dress up will be charged a small extra amount of money.
  2. Morning Tea-break: Bake Off Sick of the morning Team calls? Finally, you can put your banana baking skills to good use and suggest a fundraising bake off! Bake your treats the night before and enjoy a morning tea-break with your colleagues or friends, or give those mums and dads a break from homeschooling – its a bit of fun for all the family to enjoy quality time, and most importantly enjoying each other’s company whilst seeing a few friendly faces on the other side of the screen!
  3. Book Club Start a virtual book club. What better time to enjoy a book and discuss over a cuppa or a glass of vino with your friends! Whether its Mums & Tots group, your Pilates classmates, school friends or work colleagues, it’s a chance to get together and talk about something else! Add a small entry fee and donate through our website.

Natalie Glover
Shuqi Zhou

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