Shield your skin this summer

Shield your skin this summer!!!

Hello everyone, hope you’re well and enjoying the warm weather! As summer approaches, many are confident that our dark skin will give some natural protection against the bright rays. However, protecting yourself with sunscreen, is essential to prevent skin cancer. Check the products below to help you enjoy the sunny season cancer free.

Dark Melanin Skin this summer

This classic sun lotion from Lidl is only £3.99 and offers a high SPF 50 – perfect for holidays and long outings!

This ultra light sun spray from Aldi is £3.99. It’s hydrating formula filled with antioxidants and is a SPF 30. It absorbs quickly in to skin, making it great for being on the go.

This Soleil sun lotion from Tesco is £3.20 and is specially designed for sensitive skin. It is a SPF 30 and easily absorbed and moisturising.

This SPF 20 invisible sun spray from Lidl is £3.99 and perfect for those who don’t sit in the sun much but still want to protect their skin.

For a more high-end lotion, try out this La Roche-Posay sun cream, which is SPF50+ and formulated for sensitive skin.

You can also include a aftersun lotion like this one from Lidl to soothe skin after long exposures to the sun.

Sunscreen lotion to shield your skin this summer


Darker skin tones have more melanin which makes us better protected from the sun – but the melanin isn’t immune to all UV rays. Even the darkest skin provides only about an SPF 13. Though we are less likely to have skin cancer, we are more likely to die from it as it’s difficult to detect the black/brown lesions in our skin.

Have a lotion with a high SPF on hand so you can enjoy your summer worry free!

You can learn more about local cancer support and information services.

NHS website has a service that tells you about local information and support. Go to NHS website

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