It’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Childhood cancer awareness month

This month not only marks Blood Cancer Awareness Month but also Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Every day in the UK, 12 children and young people will receive the devastating news that they have cancer. Of those 12, two will not survive.

According to NPR, black and Hispanic children are more likely to die of many childhood cancers than white children due to factors such as socioeconomic status. 

Below are some stats from CCLG about childhood cancer in the UK…

children 0 - 14 years old

Some ways you can show support this Childhood Cancer Awareness Month…

Wear a gold ribbon

Wearing a gold ribbon can show your support to vital research that gives children with cancer a better chance. You can buy a gold pin online at Amazon or Children With Cancer’s shop here. You can also find them in some charity shops. 

Get involved

You can help make a difference by donating to our cause and helping our mission of educating BAME people and children about cancer. To donate, click here.

Fundraise or become a volunteer!


We love getting stuck into different fundraising challenges to help make a difference to BAMER children. We are open to hear your own unique ideas on how to raise money as there isn’t a one-size-fits-all when it comes to making a difference!

You can also become a Cancer Education UK volunteer and help us ensure that no child has to face cancer alone. Whether you would like to be a regular volunteer, casual volunteer or give a one-off day, you will help contribute to better health in the BAMER community.
To learn more, click here.

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